Event Request

Members of the law community may enter a Room Request on DeaconSpace by logging in at:  https://rooms.wfu.edu

Login using your Wake Forest ID and password.  My Request Forms tab shows space in Worrell that can be reserved. 

My Request Forms – Law Room Request Form  will place a room request in queue for approval by the Events staff  - more than two business days from the request date. Enter date and time, Attendance (must be >0), and Room Type (all). Click “Find Space.” Rooms with the green plus to the left are available rooms that meet your criteria. Click on the green “+” to place it above in your Selected Locations. Click Continue.

Complete information in the next screen. Event Type should be Meeting, Lecture, Training, Workshop, Social Event – DO NOT choose Academic.  Academic Event Types are reserved for the Registrar.  Complete other questions. Be sure to include a complete description if you want it posted to the Law Calendar, including information about the speaker or the group hosting the event. For a Food Request asking for assistance from the Events Office, please place the requests a week in advance. You will receive email communication if changes are necessary, and ultimately a Confirmation Email from the Calendar Team.

My Request Forms – Quick Reserve should be used for reservations less than two business days ahead.  These are direct reservations, no approval required. For example, on a Friday, if you want to reserve a room for Tuesday (two business days hence), select Quick Reserve. Continue with the same detail for your selection.

Please note: DO NOT ADVERTISE your event until you receive confirmation that your room has been approved.  If you are inviting a speaker, obtain approval of a room first.  Contact Lawren Thach at thachlg@wfu.edu if you need to hold a back-up date, in order to give a speaker options. We will hold for two weeks.  Food requests must be submitted one week in advance to receive administrative assistance.