Law Student Travel Guidelines

For students traveling on approved law school business, their travel expenses, within the law school travel policies, will be paid by or reimbursed by the university.  Students must arrange travel through the Office of Events and Travel (336-758-4011;  Please read the guidelines below carefully  to assure smooth travel.

Hotel – the Travel Office will make hotel arrangements and submit credit card authorization to pay for room, tax, internet and parking.  At check-in, students should confirm the following: length of stay, payment (pre-authorization of the university card) and internet access; at check-out students should obtain the folio at the front desk. Note: do not charge anything to the room and avoid room service or items in the refrigerator or on the counter.


Flights It is preferred that team members fly together, which simplifies ground transportation and check-in. The Travel Office will work with travel agent to determine travel dates and approved cost. A student will receive a proposed flight itinerary and must confirm (reply all) within one business day. Wake Forest will pay your flight and tax expense. NOTE: If a student wishes to make a change to the departure or return flight, it must be requested at the time the trip is planned and at the student’s expense. Your credit card must be submitted to the travel agent for charging additional expenses.

Ground Transportation - Students should be prepared to pay for taxi cab or rental car, paying by cash or by personal credit card. These expenses with receipt documentation.